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About FlexiCancel

Vacation Home Rentals with Flexible Cancellation Protection

How Does it Work?

FlexiCancel was created by the team at Resortia in response to the shift in the travel marketplace. We've been a leader in the vacation rental business since 2003 and we've generated more than $100 million in bookings in top destinations across North America.  That's more than 30,000 bookings, and historically we've experienced a very low cancellation rate. . . until the Spring of 2020 when things changed.

We recognized that offering  a flexible cancellation policy was critical to allow us to prosper in the changing travel marketplace - so we created FlexiCancel.

We deployed a guest-friendly cancellation policy as the core of our businesses, and we've invited other forward-thinking vacation rental companies to join us in promoting FlexiCancel throughout the vacation rental industry.  You can be sure that any company using the FlexiCancel booking policies has the traveler in mind - right from the start.

Participating FlexiCancel companies have made the financial commitment to the guests, their staff and to the homeowners of the properties they manage that they are committed to the best guest experience.

Staying in private home rentals through professionally-managed companies will continue to gain favor with travelers, as private accommodations, with adequate space, and professional housekeeping has proven to be a safe way to get away.  And by selecting a FlexiCancel property - you can book with confidence that you're protected if you need to make changes to your travel plans.

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